Laser label

Laser Labels for Laser Printing

If you need labels for labeling packages to be shipped, CDs and DVDs and other items, you can obtain laser labels which are made from nonporous materials which can handle the high temperatures within most printing machines. Labels can be purchased in a wide array of shapes and sizes, from regular rectangles for printed envelope addresses to circular labels for printing the title of a production or demo CD onto a disc for a professional look.

Bulk Laser Labels

If you need a large quantity of laser labels for your business, you can order in bulk via suppliers and save money. If you need labels for inventory keeping of stock in a store or supermarket, you will presumable need a large quantity of labels, and thus it will be easy to meet minimum quantity requirements. You can also obtain labels with pre-designed templates via your label supplier, and can print out your own labels on laser label paper as required.

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