Inkjet Labels

Inkjet Labels for Identification Adhesive labels provide a simple way to identify different documents, or to add post-production identification elements to manufactured goods or food products. Inkjet labels can be printed out using almost any inkjet printer, and label manufacturers can provide labels in a vast assortment of shapes and sizes. If you order your […]

Shipping Labels

Bulk Blank Shipping Labels If you need to ship products to customers, shipping labels provide the easiest way to affix shipping information to packages. Blank labels in standard sizes can be ordered in bulk, and when order direct from manufacturers you can cut out the middle man and save money on your labels. Blank labels […]

Sheet Labels

Office Uses for Sheet Labels Adhesive sheet labels provide an effective solution for labeling for identification purposes and have various other possible applications. Labels can be useful around the office for marking files and folders for reference purposes, and can also be used to address business correspondence. Sheet labels that are compatible with laser printer […]