Laser Printer Label

Laser Printer Label Uses Adhesive labels have many uses around the office and the home, from labeling filing systems and individual folders for the purpose of organization to labeling storage jars for identification, addressing letters and more. Laser printer label sheets can be used with a regular laser printer, and you can purchase glossy as […]

Inkjet Labels

Neat Inkjet Labels for Business Use Adhesive labels have many business uses, from creating labels for portfolio folders and filing cabinets to creating address labels for sending out invoices or other written materials. Neat inkjet labels that can be printed using an ordinary office printer can be ordered via specialty label manufacturers, and you can […]

Address Labels

Adhesive Address Labels Simplify Mailing When you need to mail a large number of business letters or you are planning a small-scale marketing campaign, adhesive address labels are ideal for addressing envelopes quickly and neatly. You can order adhesive labels that are the ideal size for letter-size envelopes online, along with labels for various other […]