Halloween Labels

As halloween rolls around, we are seeing an increased uses of labels in home made candy packaging and other such “martha stewart”-like thrifty way to make common things look great. The internet is a great resource for finding free clipart.  It’s so easy to do.

Here are some methods.

  • Preformatted label designs.  In this case, all you have to do in most cases is to download the file, open it, put the label paper in your printer and click print. There is no formatting necessary!
  • Inserting clipart into label making programs.  You can download a label making program or use your word processors by loading the pre-formatted template and placing the images into the are you wish. 
  • Cutting out full page labels. Some labels you can find online are formatted to fit on a full page label to be cut out after being printed. You can also create your own full page labels by using simple graphics programs, or your word processor to place images and clipart you downloaded on the page. 
Here are some links to halloween label designs you can download and use. 
Here are locations and short reviews of the sites where you can download the label designs.

Now the question is where do you get these labels? We’re glad you asked. You can purchase these blank labels with us at begalabel.com Links have been provided above so you can follow them to the label that fits your need. Just click on the sizes.

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