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It was tough to determine the best way to sort out our laser label catalogs on our website. The products and even subcategories within these categorizations have shifted till not too long before the launch. Only then did we settled on the one we have now.  Because the versitile nature of these laser labels, It was hard to put a definite attribute to them and deem them to be of a certain type. The major categories we have split our catalog into are by Label Size, Label Shape, Label Usage.

Label Size.
We have posted the list of labels by size before so we will not go into details here. We have decided to categorize it not only by size, but by shape as well, to avoid confusion of the same size, yet different sizes.

Label Shape
We have sub-categorized the label shapes into a meld of how the industry views it and how people have been calling them.  Rounded Corner Labels, Angle Corner Labels, Circles and Ovals, CD and DVD.  The hardest one to determine was the CD and DVD. It was nearly put under the Circle and Ovals section since that is what it is.  We decided that it deserved a category of its own.  The major conflict against giving the CD and DVD its own category was that we already had one in the usage.

Label Usage
Now this gets interesting. There were so many different uses and interesting applications of these labels, we decided to dedicate a page to it. We decided to narrow down these label uses to Address and Mailing Labels, CD and DVD Labels, Shipping Labels, Barcode Labels, File Folder and Organizations. All labels that fit into more than one category were put into our Misc. Category.  We are still in the process of looking for better ways to categorize the labels in the usage category.

We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers. If you have any comments about the difficulties of our organizations or have any suggestions about how we can better organize the labels please feel free to leave us a comment. Thank you so much.

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