Inkjet Labels

Are You Using the Right Labels?

For whatever reason, far too many people end up using the wrong labels for their printer and then have no idea why they do not turn out quite the way they are supposed to. You will find that if you look for computer printer labels, there are both inkjet labels and laser printer labels. You will also find that you get much better results if you use the right labels.

With inkjet labels such as those we sell at Bega Label, the paper is made for the type of ink and style of printing from an inkjet printer. It is designed to absorb and hold the ink while it dries. This way your print will dry clear and not smeary. On the other hand laser printer use a roller to stamp the print onto the top layer of the label and if you use these in an inkjet printer, the print is far more likely to run and smear before it has a chance to dry.

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