Laser Printer Label

Why Are They Better?

Many people claim that not only is a laser printer label better to use, but that in the long run they can be far less expensive. Others will try and tell you that using an inkjet printer is a better option, which is right? If you look at this from a pure quality point of view, the laser label will win hands down as the print is much sharper and easier to read.

As for the cost, if you buy your laser printer label from Bega Label, you will save on the cost of your labels, but there is more to it than that. You have to look at the cost per label to print, consider the high number of labels you will get out of one laser toner cartridge and compare it to how many inkjet cartridges it will take to produce the same number of labels. Once again the laser printer wins as the cost per label is far less than with an inkjet printer.

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