Sheet Labels

Blank Sheet Labels for DVD Labelling

Creating a professional-looking DVD or CD is easy when you have adhesive blank labels which are designed to fit the surface of a multimedia disc exactly. Labels which provide a high contrast surface for printing can be used to create a simple text-based design, or can be customized with more intricate artwork. These types of labels can be used for creating copies of a student performance or of a demo CD to be sold at music gigs, among other purposes.

 Find Blank Sheet Labels Compatible with your Printer System

If you have an inkjet printer, you will need to obtain blank sheet labels which are compatible with this type of printing technology. Suppliers who offer both laser and inkjet labels can provide you with the matt or glossy labels which you need to be able to churn out adhesive labels that have excellent legibility and look professional. Your suppliers will provide information as to which labels are compatible with which equipment, however it is the buyer’s responsibility to remember to check that the right labels have been selected for ordering.

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