Inkjet Labels

High-Clarity Inkjet Labels

When you print labels which need to be clearly legible for mailing or inventory-keeping purposes, it is best to use high-clarity inkjet labels which are manufactured according to high quality standards. Labels which have superior adhesive coatings and are designed specifically for use with inkjet printers can be obtained via manufacturers who specialize in the production of blank label sheets. You can purchase a bulk quantity of label sheets online and save money on the retail price per unit.

Inkjet Labels and Laser Labels Differ

Some inkjet labels differ from laser labels, such as glossy labels of each type, as the technology used in inkjet and laser printers differs. A supplier which stocks both types of label can provide you with the appropriate solution for your labeling needs, and can help you to find labels which will work well with your particular printing equipment. Blank label sheets can be obtain which contain labels of various different shapes and sizes, from circular labels for CD labeling to rectangular labels for filing purposes.

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