Shipping Label

Shipping Label Supplies

If you run an online store or provide a courier service, you can obtain shipping label supplies direct and save money with bulk discounts. Online suppliers can provide you with most standard label shapes and sizes, and you can choose between labels which can be printed using inkjet printers and laser printer labels. Blank labels can be customized and printed with your logo, and top-quality labels designed for shipping labeling will allow clear, easy-to-read print.

Shipping Label Customization

When you purchase shipping label sheets online, you can choose between matt labels (which can be used in both inkjet and laser printers) and glossy labels (which need to be purchased for use in either one type of printer or the other). In order to customize your shipping labels easily, you can download a template which can be opened in standard word processing software. You can enter the desired font and clipart into the template and save your own versions of the template for easy reproduction.

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