Bookplates printed on laser labels

Bookplate Labels
A Bookplate is a small print or decorative label put into the inner side of the front cover in order to indicate the owner or the book. Bookplates may also contain the address, phone number, email or other such information in order to have the book to be returned to the owner. The owner’s name is normally placed after an inscription such as “from the books of” or “from the library of”.

Although the function of bookplates are simple, the more interesting aspect are their designs. Bookplates not only carry the unique name of the owner, but also the unique style through images, badges, motifs and other design elements purposely integreated with the information that the bookplate carries. The classic bookplates were designed and made by artisans, but now it doesn’t have to be.

Using laser labels or inkjet labels  it is now easy to create your own bookplate with your own personal design or an existing template where you can type in the information you want.  There are many good bookplate templates out there to choose from. All you need to do a quick search for bookplate templates, find the Bookplate labels and you’re ready to go!  Imagine having all of your books categorized, identified with cute, sleek, official bookplates.  Now your bookshelf can become a library for your friends and family to freely borrow without having to worry about getting it confused with their collection.

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