Inkjet Labels

Adhesive Inkjet Labels Adhesive labels have many uses, from creating packaging for products to addressing packages to be mailed. Labels which are compatible with inkjet printers are different to laser labels, as laser printers generate a substantial amount of heat and thus labels need to be able to withstand the elevated temperatures. Adhesive inkjet labels […]

Shipping Labels

Acquire Shipping Labels Online If you run an online store or delivery service and require shipping labels for sending products to customers, you can acquire labels online, purchasing in bulk to save money. You can buy standard shipping labels such as those used by DHL and FedEx, and labels can be obtained for use with […]

Sheet Labels

Bulk Ordering Sheet Labels Sheet labels can provide a simple labeling solution, so that invoices, packages, letters of correspondence and more can be addressed clearly and legibly, without each address having to be hand written. Businesses which perform a large amount of mailing can order sheet labels in bulk and save a large amount of […]