Round Labels – sleek, stylish, visible

Round labels for laser and inkjet printers are a great solution for printing your own decorative or identification labels for many assorted needs.  The most common uses for round labels are for placement of logo, brand, identity,ingredients and more.  Round labels are also used for creating stunning stickers to use for any occasion.  Many round labels embellish gifts, letters, bags, containers and others for occasions such as parties, showers, weddings and more.  Round labels are the perfect stylish alternative to the boring rectangle way of displaying items as well, such as barcodes, product numbers, inventory identification and more.

If you use round labels large quantity, we understand that it can get pretty expensive, especially if you have not yet discovered the cheaper office brands as opposed to the name brand round labels. Now there is good news.  You can save up to 80% on your round labels?  Shop at for wholesale priced round labels delivered to your door at your home, office, factory, warehouse!

The round labels are on sheets so that it can fit right into your laser or inkjet printer. It is just as easy to use as paper.  You can easily set up your printer to settings for labels or thicker paper for maximum quality results.

Our round labels start as low as $11.00 for 100 sheets.  That is the number of sheets, not the number of labels!  The popular 1-1/2″ round labels come 20 on a sheet, you are getting 2000 labels for $11.00 compared to the 300 labels for around $12.00.   Why such a bargain?  It is because we manufacture the labels ourselves.  You are getting these round labels at manufacturer’s wholesale price.   Isn’t that nice?

Come check out our round labels today!

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