Sheet Labels for laser and inkjet printers

Sheet labels for laser and inkjet printers are a great solution for printing your own address labels, shipping labels and more.   Labels are in the form of a sheet so that it can fit right into your laser or inkjet printer. It’s easy to use just like paper.  Most printers come with settings that you can set in the software to let them know that you are printing on labels or thicker paper.  This way you can get the right amount of heat for laser printers and the right amount of ink for inkjet printers on the sheet label for the best quality print.

The most common sheet labels available are used for address labels and shipping labels. If you use them in large quantity, we understand how expensive it can get if you are using name brand or office brand sheet labels.  What if we told you that you can save up to 80% on your sheet labels?  Now you can! Shop at for wholesale priced sheet labels delivered to your door at your home, office, factory, warehouse!

Our select sheet labels start as low as $10.45 for 100 sheets.  That is the number of sheets, not the number of labels!  If you use the standard 4×5 shipping labels that come 4 on a sheet, you are getting 400 labels for $10.45 compared to the 80 labels for around $15.00.   Why is it so cheap?  It’s not the lack of quality.  It is because we manufacture the labels ourselves.  You are getting these sheet labels at manufacturer’s wholesale price.   Isn’t that nice?

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