Blank Labels – There is More than One Way to Use Blank Labels

One of the most versatile and important tools that any office manager will have in his arsenal is blank labels. While the obvious reason for having lots of blank labels is to use on your correspondence going out of the office, but there are really a lot of other uses you can put them to, making it an easy  choice to buy them in quantity and save money on them.

If you have a stack of blank labels sitting there, you can use them for labeling CD sleeves that have been reused, you can put them on your files after they have already be written on. Just using them to label in this manner can save you big money when you don’t have to replace these items because they have already been used one. If the labels are too big you can cut them down to size. You can even use your blank labels in place of tape if you should run out or find it missing in a pinch.

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