Shipping Labels

Mark Packages Clearly with Shipping Labels

When shipping packages off to customers who have ordered a product, it is wise to use printed labels which display address information as well as any information required by customs clearly, as this will help to ensure there are no delays in delivery. Shipping labels can be ordered via manufacturers in bulk, so that the cost per individual label is low. Labels that can be printed using ordinary laser and inkjet printers can be ordered easily online.

Free Templates for Shipping Labels

In order to customize shipping labels and arrange text and tables neatly so that they do not overlap the edges of any labels, it is necessary to use a template. You can download a free template via your suppliers, which will show where each label lies on the page so that you do not have to do any guesswork. When you order your labels, you can simultaneously order other labels you may require, whether you need mailing labels, identification labels, or labels for another purpose.

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