Blank Labels

Blank Labels for Identification Purposes

Adhesive labels are useful for idenfitication in various applications, from organizing office materials to labelling items for retail purposes. Adhesive labels can be printed with standard inkjet or laser printers, and can be ordered in bulk for sizeable discounts. You can find a wide variety of blank labels online, from small circular labels to square and rectangular labels in many different sizes, and can find labels for a range of specialized uses.

Printing your Blank Labels

In order to print your blank labels with text or graphics, it is necessary to use a template which shows where each label lies on the page. This will help to ensure that text fits properly. You can download free templates online, and can customize templates as needed. For example, if you wish to incorporate your company’s logo in a label’s design, you can add this to your template so that only individuated text must be added with each print run.

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