Inkjet Labels

Inkjet Labels for Various Uses

Adhesive labels can serve many functions, from the labeling of equipment or files for the purpose of organization to the creation of mailing labels which can be used to indicate the address information of intended letter recipients clearly. Inkjet labels which can be used with any inkjet printer can be ordered online via label manufacturers, in an assortment of shapes and sizes, from small circular labels to large rectangular labels for shipping purposes.

Inkjet Labels in Matt and Glossy Varieties

You can find inkjet labels in matt as well as glossy varieties online. Matt labels are ideal for mailing and other simple uses where the label displays mainly text; a matt finish aids legibility. Glossy labels can be used for creating colorful product labels which have extra sheen to add to their esthetic appeal. Label manufacturers who are all-round suppliers of labels for various uses should also be able to provide you with labels that are compatible with laser printer systems.

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