Laser Labels

Multi-Purpose Adhesive Laser Labels

Adhesive labels can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from the labeling of files and folders for office organization purposes to producing mailing labels for addressing envelopes. Adhesive laser labels that are compatible with most laser printer systems can be ordered direct via manufacturers. Bulk discounts can be obtained when purchasing direct, ensuring that the price per individual label is negligible. Manufacturers who produce labels in a large variety of sizes and shapes can provide you with labels for any purpose. 

Glossy Adhesive Laser Labels

Product or CD labeling can look especially attractive if glossy labels are used. Glossy laser labels which are manufactured to be able to cope with the high temperatures reached during printing will not warp or otherwise deform during printing. Labels which have a strong adhesive backing can be stuck to a variety of media, including cardboard, glass, metal and a variety of other surfaces.

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