Mailing Labels

Effective Mailing Labels

If you need to mail out a newsletter or advertising or business correspondence of any kind, mailing labels which have adhesive backing can provide a simple solution for envelope addressing. Mailing labels which have good adhesive coatings and provide high contrast enable you to print addresses clearly so that there is a greatly diminished chance of envelopes being lost due to poor legibility of the address. You can order mailing labels direct from the manufacturers for sizeable savings.

Mailing Labels for Various Printer Technology

Label manufacturers who create products that are compatible with laser as well as inkjet printers can provide you with the right kind of labels for your printing system. Because laser printers produce substantial heat while they are printing on media, labels need to be of tough construction so that they do not deform with the heat exposure. Labels made by specialty label manufacturers will have the durability required, and will offer decent contrast, for clear mailing labels.

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