Shipping Label

Standard-Size Shipping Label Sheets

An online or retail store which frequently ships items to customers can obtain standard-size shipping label sheets in bulk via manufacturers who produce various kinds of adhesive labels. Labels which are well-made and have strong adhesive backings will not peel off easily while a package is in transit, and labels which provide high print clarity can be read more easily so that mix-ups in deliveries will be less likely. Label suppliers can provide blank labels that are compatible with inkjet as well as laser printers.

Shipping Label Ordering

Ordering shipping label sheets and other adhesive labels is as simple as browsing your suppliers’ catalogue and adding the products you desire to your virtual cart. You can browse labels by shape and size online, and can find the shipping labels that are exactly the right size for the address and invoice information which needs to be displayed. When ordering labels, double check that you have selected labels that are compatible with the type of printer system that you use.

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