Shipping Label

Shipping Label Products

Private courier companies and businesses which ship products to their clients or customers may need shipping labels which can be printed with invoice information as well as the delivery address of the recipient. Standard shipping label sizes can be ordered via label manufacturers, at discount bulk rates. Labels which allow clear, legible printing and have good adhesive coatings can be purchased in matt and glossy variants, for both laser and inkjet printer systems.

Shipping Label and Mailing Label Sheets

In addition to shipping label products, you may require mailing labels for sending other materials, such as invoices or correspondence informing customers or clients of new services or changes to company policy. Labels can be printed quickly and provide a far more professional-looking alternative to handwritten addresses. Labels can also be customized with clipart which has a seasonal theme, in order to spread the festive cheer of national holidays. Downloadable templates simplify label alteration and can be used to add special seasonal greetings to regular labels.

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