Mailing Labels

Mailing Labels for Envelope Addressing

A company which sends out mass mailing advertisements and brochures, or mails invoices to clients and/or customers can make use of mailing labels which are easy to print on and apply to envelopes. Large companies often print directly onto envelopes, but mailing labels provide a simple and smart solution which offers clear legibility. Mailing labels can be ordered direct via manufacturers, and can be obtained for both inkjet and laser printer systems.

Mailing Labels for Larger Packages

Where mailing labels are required for larger packages, labels in standard sizes such as those used by major courier companies can be ordered. Labels which provide sufficient space for delivery and invoice details can be used on boxes, mailing tubes and other packaging formats. In addition to labels for mailing purposes, labels for other uses can be purchased via label specialists, such as blank labels for office organization as well as labels that can be used for keeping inventory of stock in a retail environment.

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