Label Sheets

Address Label Supplies for Mass Labeling

In a mass-mailing situation where labeling solutions are required, bulk quantities of address label sheets can be purchased direct via manufacturers and can save a considerable amount of money. Address labels for mailing standard letter-size envelopes can be obtained, along with larger labels for addressing boxes and other packages. Professional label manufacturers can provide you with labels which stick well to various surfaces and can be printed on with sufficient clarity

Inkjet Printer Address Label Sheets

If your business has inkjet printer systems, you can obtain address label sheets which can be used with all makes of inkjet printer. Your suppliers can also provide you with laser labels should you have laser printer equipment which you prefer to use for large-scale printing applications. Both types of labels can be obtained in glossy varieties which have an attractive sheen which makes them especially useful for applications other than labeling, such as product labeling, as an attractive label will increase the attractiveness of a product.

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