Decorate your candy with Labels!

You can quickly transform your candy into fun candy with a little help of labels. Here are some chocolates decorated with custom printed designs. Image From:   Here are some container and jars with custom printed labels on them. Image From:   Here is a jar of Chocolate I have on my desk.

Sheet Label

Sheet Label Uses Adhesive labels provide many handy uses, from labeling documents or products for identification purposes to creating mailing and shipping labels that display recipients’ addresses clearly. Sheet label manufacturers can supply you with your label needs direct, so that you do not have to pay the markup added by retail outlets, and when […]

Address Labels

Use Address Labels for Business Correspondence  Small details can make a large different in how your business is seen. Hand-written addresses have an intimate appearance that is not particularly suitable for business correspondence, while printed address labels lend a professional esthetic, and also help to avoid any confusion in the delivery process. You can order […]